Transition Initiative Kenora
Transition Initiative Kenora (TIK) is a community-led response to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. We're building a more resilient community and improving the quality of life for everyone in Kenora and the Treaty 3 area.


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What is Transition Initiative Kenora?

Transition Initiative Kenora, Inc. (TIK, “the Organization”) is an incorporated, non-profit community resiliency and conservation association.  Its purposes are:

1.Uniting all persons in the Kenora area interested in enhancing community resiliency to mitigate impacts of climate change, environmental destruction, and pollution;

2.Planning and advocating conservation strategies in respect of, and to mitigate, climate change impacts for flora and fauna, fresh water, land, air and the natural beauties of the Kenora and Lake of the Woods region;

3.Gathering and exchanging ideas, data and statistical, scientific, geotechnical, economic and other information relevant for post-carbon transition planning and advocacy purposes;

4.Promoting clean energy solutions.


What does Membership Involve?

A large part of TIK’s focus is on promoting sustainable, clean energy options for the Kenora area. From time to time, the Organization will undertake research programs, direct action or advocacy campaigns, and will work with area governments and community leaders to develop public policies that support our organizations goals and interests. 

As a member of TIK, you will be able to participate in discussions that shape this research and policy direction around community resiliency, environmental concerns, and energy policies for the Kenora area, and you will be able to network with others who share these common goals. At the Annual General Meeting, individual members in good stead will be permitted to vote on resolutions, including elections for directors. 

Membership in TIK will only be extended to individual persons (i.e. not organizations, agencies, or other allied groups). However, persons belonging to organizations that are supportive of TIK’s aims are encouraged to identify their organizational affiliations on this membership application form.  Members agree to abide by the bylaws of TIK and shall refrain from speaking for, or in any way legally representing the organization unless authorized to do so in writing by the board.

Members are free to withdraw from membership at any time by notifying us at

At this time, members are not expected to provide financial contributions to TIK.  We request, though, that you let us know about any skills, assets, and in-kind contributions you may be able to provide.