Transition Initiative Kenora
Transition Initiative Kenora (TIK) is a community-led response to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. We're building a more resilient community and improving the quality of life for everyone in Kenora and the Treaty 3 area.


Current Volunteer Positions


We have space for up to two new board members.  The board meets monthly for 1-2 hours, and it is responsible for overseeing campaign finances and overall strategy.


This is a volunteer position aimed solely at organizing fun events for TIK members that help build connections and community among our members: things like family movie nights, picnics, parties, and potlucks.  We are looking for 1-3 people who could organize volunteers to put on such events a few times a year.  Some events may include fundraising activities (e.g. spaghetti dinner fundraiser, silent auctions, etc). 


TIK is starting to organize our activities into teams, and as we do this, we will need leaders to volunteer to oversee these teams.  The first few teams we've devised are outlined below.



TIK is developing a long-term sustainability plan that will include a fundraising plan.  The goal of the fundraising plan is to help our organization diversify its funding sources and become more sustainable and resilient in the long term, as well as to help us to grow and be able to hire more staff and undertake more projects.  The Fundraising team leader will be responsible for conscripting volunteers to help deliver on specific strategies from the fundraising plan, as well as providing input and feedback to the Executive Director and the Board about the fundraising plan and fundraising ideas.


We are looking for 1-2 people who would be willing to oversee the recruitment of volunteers.  This is a job that should take no more than 1-2 hours a week.  This job involves only recruiting volunteers, not supervising them.  Volunteers recruited would be assigned to tasks of their choosing, including writing for our blog, doing fundraising, planning events, or doing public outreach activities related to any of our campaigns (Energy East, TIK Talks / TIK Tech, Community Energy & Climate Planning, Watershed Advocacy, etc).


We are looking for one person who has a passion for writing and communicating who is willing to coordinate content development for our blog, letter writing campaigns, and any other written communications actions the membership initiates.  This person may do some of the writing themselves, but their main responsibility is to coordinate other volunteers who will write blog posts, craft and submit letters to the editor, and other letter-writing campaigns.  This job should only take a few hours a month, depending on whether we have active letter-writing campaigns underway or not.